Michael M - Florence, CO

"The service you provide is truly unique and a blessing. I'm very pleased to have used your service."

Michael M - Marion, IL

"Thank you for making this Mother's Day special for my mom. Her gift arrived on time just like you said, and the quality was outstanding. She was so touched by it she took pictures and posted them to her Facebook account. I will be using your services in the future."

Dwayne R - Safford, AZ

"I highly recommend IPP. I have used IPP to order magazines as well as get photos from a couple of social media pages, and aside from a few mailroom issues, I've had no problems whatsoever. They worked with me regarding the mailroom issues with a couple of the photos and I was able to receive the images. The fact that they accept Moneygram payments is also a huge plus and helps get the orders much quicker than having to deal with getting an institutional check"

David A - Miami, FL

"I have enjoyed the service your company has provided. The picture quality was good and crisp."

Jeff S - Pekin, IL

"I really enjoy this service. Sending texts to my friends and family makes corrlinks a lot better!"

Willie L - Talladega, AL

"I think that it's a great service for people who are locked up."

William P - Waymart, PA

"Your services are outstanding. Thank you very much for being a great company."

Bradley J - Beaver, WV

"This service is the best out there hands down. The quality of the photos are top of the line. From day one I never had a problem with this service. Thanks to ya'll I get mail almost every day and I have been getting pictures from almost everyone. It's so simple for my family and friends to send me the pictures directly from their phones. No more having to go to the store to print them, then mail them which can cost an arm and a leg. I asked if they could send photos to other people and they sent the pictures for me, and I also get pictures from my Facebook."

Antoine B - Cumberland, MD

"I think your service is adequate. And your communication is a plus. A lot of companies don't want to respond to these emails, even after you've spent your money and just want a confirmation."

Verlyn C - Lisbon, OH

"I think you guys got a good thing going. I hope it continues and wish the best for your company."

Michael P - Glenville, WV

"Your service is great as far as I'm concerned. Just wish I had a chance to use it more."

Bobby P - Marion, IL

"I have been rather pleased by the offers you have, and they seem to be better deals than those offered by potential competitors. Keep up the great work!"

Julian J - Aliceville, AL

"I am a hard person to please, but with these guys, man, they showed me that their customers are always first! I love how they do everything that I need to get done. Thanks to the staff! You guys are the greatest!"

Tony J - Talladega, AL

"I appreciate your services, even though I am a new customer. So far so good."

Jermaine M - Florence, CO

"You do a great service to those who are in prison. The only thing I ask is to have patience when dealing with those in prison because we can go on lockdown at anytime. But, I'm thankful for the service you provide for us."

Tommie D - Memphis, TN

"I have no complaints whatsoever. Keep up the good work!"

Gerald S - Memphis, TN

"It's dang good and on time. Thank you!"

Luven W - Marianna, FL

"It's a great honor for me because it helps me feel a lot better while I'm doing time - to have communication with people on the other side of the fence. Thanks for the hard work and service."

Andrey W - Marianna, FL

"IPP is great. It feels good to know others are thinking of ways for us to stay in contact with our loved ones. Keep up the good work."

Donald M - Florence, CO

"The service has been great ever since dealing with this company. My pictures have been rolling in. It's easy to just text the company the pictures to make it easier for your loved ones on the outside."

Marco C - Edgefield, SC

"I feel that ya'll have a great service on developing pictures and getting them sent to us in a timely manner! I can't complain."

Horace J - Oakdale, LA

"IPP provides a wonderful service that allows us to maintain a close connection to the people we love and have been separated from."

Warren M - Beaver, WV

"I think your service is very helpful, and I'm so thankful for it!"

Marlow A - Pollock, LA

"I like it - it's fast and convenient."

Leslie M - Talladega, AL

"Your service is one of the best I have ever dealt with."

George L - Beaumont, TX

"I just want to say thta your company is doing what we needed a long time ago. Thank you for all that you are working on for us. I look forward to seeing what you accomplish in the future."