Text photos using our new text photo line: 870-317-7561

Using the text photos option is simple once you have a prepaid account set-up with us. All you have to do is have your family/friends text photos to us using our Photo Text line, 870-317-7561. All photos sent must include your full name and inmate number in each text.

Once photos are received they will automatically be printed and mailed to you unless your account does not have any funds. We will continue to email you your account balance and the amount of photos received after each order received. We will not take personal or customer service calls on this line. If you have questions about anything, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Step by Step Family/Friend Cell Phone Text and Email Process:

Once a prepaid account is set-up, your family/friends can use one of the below options to send photos directly to you.

Option 1 - Text Photos

  1. Family/friend must click text photo option on their cellphone to use this option.
  2. Select and upload however many photos they would like to send/text you.
  3. In the text they must also include your full name and inmate number.
  4. Send photo order to 870-317-7561. From there your request will be processed if money is available.

Option 2 - Email Photos

  1. Family/friend selects and uploads photos they want to email.
  2. They must include your full name and inmate number in the subject line of the email.
  3. Send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How do I set up a prepaid account?

Have your family/friend log on to our website at www.inmatephotoprovider.com to ADD funds to create you a prepaid photo account with us. Once funds are in your account you may have your family/friends text or email you photos 24/7.

There's no limit on the amount you can send. All funds will be used towards any order or purchase you make. You will also receive an email confirmation after each deposit or charge is made to your account and the remaining balance.

For additional payment options simply email us at info@inmatephotoprovider. We accept Institutional Checks, PayPal payments and outside Money Orders from family/friends. We do not accept personal checks.

Order Processing Details

All photo orders will be processed at the standard 4x6 size and shipping rate within 24 hours once payment is confirmed. Each email is a completed order regardless of the number of photos emailed unless discussed with an IPP Representative prior to providing them.

All photos will be kept private and secure within the IPP system for ten (10) business days. If payment is not received or confirmed within ten (10) days, all photos emailed to IPP will be deleted from the IPP database.

All photos are .50 cents per photo plus tax, shipping and handling. You will receive your photos within 2 to 3 business days from the ship date, depending on the location of your facility. We receive and process photos 24/7 with quality service guaranteed.

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