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General notes about our magazine services- please read carefully:

Before downloading and sending our price list to your family member/friends that are incarcerated, make sure you understand our service and what we provide to the inmate population. Every week we receive hundreds of letters and cannot answer them all. Most are from inmates asking questions that are clearly answered in these general notes. Before sending us a letter please read these notes. It is our policy NOT to answer letters if the questions are spelled out for you, your family and friends in these notes.  


You must put your complete address on each piece of correspondence, including the order form, and any attached letter. If your complete information is not on each letter and order form, your letter may go unanswered; your order may go unprocessed. Prison inmates must include their complete name, inmate number, the name of institution and full address. PLEASE PRINT NEATLY IN BLOCK LETTERS!


Due to publisher processing times, we will not under any circumstances check with any publisher about the status of any magazine subscription until 90 days have passed from the date of processing your order! No exceptions***

Delivery times vary, allow up to 120 days. Pay by Institutional Check, Money Order or through the money gram services at your facility. No prepaid account credit will be given with ordering magazines when using the money gram services at your institution. All taxes and shipping/handling included in the price above for magazine orders only.


We cannot respond to any magazine inquiry for an order that is less than 90 days old. If you have an address change for a magazine that you have not received, feel free to send that to us, the sooner the better. Most prisons do not forward magazines. If you already received your first issue of a magazine, it is your responsibility to contact the publisher with any address changes and problems. Publishers require: 1) your original address 2) your new address and 3) your account number, which is printed on the address label of the magazine for an address change.


Please be advised that once we process an order, we cannot cancel the order for a refund, nor change the order (except address changes,). Our publishers will not refund any money just because you change your mind, don’t like the magazine, or if the magazine is rejected by the prison as “unauthorized material.” Nor will refunds be given due to inmate transfers resulting in missed issues.


Each week the magazine agency changes the catalog, including price changes, magazines and removed and new restrictions, such as titles not available to prisons. We have no control over these changes or the restrictions. Because of these weekly price changes, a magazine ordered may cost more by the time it is processed, especially if you are using an older Magazine list. If there is a price increase between the time that you send the order and the time that we receive the order to the effect that there is not enough to pay for the entire order, we will process as much of the order as we can and send to you a notice regarding which magazine(s) was not processed and why.

Should the price go down, we will process the order using the lower price and credit your account with us.


The publishers do not provide us with any information about their magazines. We cannot provide descriptions. Also, we are not given “complimentary” copies or back issues of any publication, and, therefore, we cannot provide complimentary issues of any magazines. Back issues must be ordered directly from the publisher. It is your responsibility to check with the prison to determine if a magazine is permitted prior to ordering. If a magazine is ordered, but rejected by the prison, publishers will not refund your money.


We Do Not Accept Personal Checks
Forms of Payment We Accept: Institutional Checks, US Postal Money Order and Moneygram!

Mail All Payments To:

Institutional Checks
IPP Company
P.O. Box 2451
Forrest City, AR 72336

For Faster Service Send Money Gram Payments To:

Richardett Edwards
P.O. Box 2451
Forrest City, AR 72336
Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When sending payment always click 'yes' when it ask about the address you are sending funds to. Due to you sending funds to an unlisted street address your system will ask you if you’re sure you would like to proceed. Click 'yes' and we will load your account and start your service.

Under no circumstances can we, nor will we, refund any subscription money unless we receive a refund from the magazine agency or the publisher.

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