1. How does Inmate Photo Provider work?

Inmate Photo Provider provides a more convenient and secure way for family and friends to send photos directly to inmates. Upload the photos you want to send, select the size and quantity, enter the recipient's inmate number and address, and complete the payment and checkout process. Once we receive your order we will automatically print and send your photos for you. It is a simple and hassle-free way to turn your photos into prints that you can conveniently, easily and quickly share with your incarcerated loved ones.

2. What does Add Funds Now mean?

The Add Funds feature allows the family/friends of inmates the ability to add to funds to the inmate's account with us. Simply select Add Funds Now, input the amount you'd like to add, and add your money (from your credit card or debit card) through the check out process.

3. How do I find an inmate?

There are numerous links to help you locate an inmate. We suggest the following to help you get started:

For Federal Inmates: http://www.bop.gov/iloc2/LocateInmate.jsp

For State Inmates: http://www.theinmatelocator.com

4. How do I upload photos?

Go to the Send Photos page. There is no download required, simply click the Upload Photo button and select the photo you want to upload. Once the photo has uploaded, simply choose the size and quantity you would like printed then click Add to Cart. Repeat this process as desired.

5. How many photos can I upload?

InmatePhotoProvider.com allows you to upload unlimited photos 24/7.

6. What if I want to send photos to more than one recipient?

Each order can only be sent to one recipient. To send photos to more than one recipient, please place a separate order for each inmate.

7. How many photos can I send to each recipient in a single order?

We recommend that you check with your incarcerated family member/friend or the facility where he or she is located to verify how many photos they can receive at one time. IPP does not put a limit on how many photos you can purchase or send per recipient, however, we are not responsible for any mailroom rejections.

8. When will my recipients get my prints?

Your prints will be shipped via First Class Mail and will be delivered, in most cases, within 3 to 4 business days after payment is received based on the location of the facility and/or address(es) provided.

9. What kind of prints will my recipient(s) receive?

All IPP photos are printed on the highest quality glossy stock paper, resulting in bright, bold colors with phenomenal finish. Additionally, we will color-correct your photos for the best possible balance, and we will make every effort to correct common image flaws such as red-eye and blurring. Photos are also available in Black & White.

10. Can I send photos from my cell phone?

Yes (please review our Text Photos page).

11. Are my photos on InmatePhotoProvider.com Safe and Private?

Absolutely. No one but the recipient and IPP will ever see the photos that are sent. (Please see our Privacy Policy Section [9])

12. How much are shipping costs?

Shipping cost depends on the size(s) of photos you are ordering and how many photos you are sending. If you have questions about the shipping cost of a specific order, please contact us.

13. Do you ship internationally?

Yes. For orders outside the USA, payments must be in U.S. funds ONLY. Please use International Postal Money Orders or Cashier Checks drawn on U.S. banks. International Shipping Rates are $4.99 plus the Standard IPP Shipping Rate of $2.50 per envelope.

14. What if the inmate is transferred to a different prison?

If orders have already been sent to the institution from where the inmate is being transferred from, they should forward all mail to the appropriate facility at that time. 

15. What is your refund policy?

If an order has already been processed, it cannot be cancelled or refunded. If the order has been received but is not yet processed, the order may be cancelled and a refund can be issued. If you have an order you'd like to cancel, please contact us ASAP to check the status and see if you qualify.


If you have any other question about our services, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill out and submit the contact form at the bottom of the page.