Understand Your Inner Value

Understand Your Inner Value

And I write...understand your inner value!

Your approach to potential interactions- whether you try to seize value from others or contribute it- greatly influences your likelihood of success.

I've found that people who are generous with time, connections, and expertise tend to fare best in their own professional lives, so long as they also hold ambitious goals for advancing their own interests. Today I'm motivated and inspired by the kindness, help and teamwork offered by so many great leaders and supporters, who instead of judge my imperfection, reach down to offer a helping hand through offering prayers, encouraging words, visits, photos, letters and financial support. See leaders subdue their egos and help others in need achieve greatness, in the process creating culture in which everyone tries harder daily to contribute to the success of those in need. Remember, your value is not in what you do. Your value is in what you do for others. I leave you with these few words of wisdom to live by.

On Listening:

The leader in any group is the one who learns from the wisdom of all involved.
-Sun Tzu

On Communication:

Getting an idea around is as important as getting an idea.
-Michael Milken

On Mentors:

I took advice from none but the best. I listened, how I listened! That's how I finally became my own expert.
-Peggy Guggenheim

On Giving:

Every charitable act is a steppingstone toward heaven.
-Henry Ward Beecher